If your app exposes metrics in prometheus' format (also known as Open Metrics), Iterapp can gather them using our metric infrastructure.

Send custom metrics to Iterapp

You should expose metrics in your app, how you do that depends on how your app is coded, but there is probably some library for your tech of choise.

Then add the following to your iterapp.toml

# The path where your metrics is exposed
path = "/metrics"
# The default is to scrape the http port defined for your app, however we can also scrape some other port
# (omit port to use the default)
port = 3000

Query metrics

Right now the only way to query metrics is using our grafana instance at This is only accessible for Iterate employees (members of the github organization iterate), however in the short future we want a way to have metrics available for users outside of Iterate.


Metrics is deleted after 1 month, so it's not meant to be used for data you need in the long term.