V2? V3? 👷

We're in a period of transitioning from HOPS V2 to HOPS V3. The documentation might be outdated or self-contradictory.

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What is HOPS?

Headless Operations, HOPS, previously known as Iterapp, is a platform that runs your applications reliably and easily on the internet. Headless Operations connects to the tools you already use, such as GitHub and Slack, and reacts as new versions are checked in, contionusly packaging and deploying your code.

We're passionate about ease of use. Headless Operations was built to support venture builders at Iterate. While they've been creating their products, we've been handling the complexity of database management and backups, load balancing, certificate management, logging, server upgrades, networking, deployment pipelines, logging, secret management, and more.

Configuring your application should be a breeze. Here's a web application backed by Postgres, deployed to awesome-product.dev:

# iterapp.toml


That's it! 🚀

Get started

To create your next app, head over to our getting started-guide. 🧙‍♂️

To get support, check our troubleshooting guide, or talk to a human at the #hops-support channel.

To report bugs with our code, create an issue. 🕵️ Feel free to improve our documentation!

Good luck and have fun using HOPS!