Applings is an Iterapp feature which makes it possible to have different apps within one github-repository, and thus let applings also share code.

Say you would like to have an app for frontend and a different app for backend. This can easily be created by using the applings-feature. All your code will live in one repository with one commit log.

URL i test
URL i prod

Applings are independent applications. They can have their own database and their own specific properties. Every time the app is deployed, all applings will be deployed.

V2✨ V3 ✨

So for instance all changes in all applings within will be deployed when running: /iterapp deploy yourapp prod main

So for instance all changes in all applings within will be deployed when running: hops v3 deploy -a yourapp -e prod -r main

Examples of what an appling can be:

  1. An appling for hosting documentation
  2. An appling as admin-panel

How to create applings?

Create the respective subdirectories where each applings will live. Each appling will need to have their own iterapp.toml-file! Then create an iterapp.toml-file on the root level with content:

applings = ["appling-a", "appling-b"]

Remember to update your Docker file

The Docker-build is run from the root of the github directory. Remember to update any paths within the dockerfile. Paths will need to be absolute.


See this repo for an example: Dockerfile for testapp-applings/appling-a

FROM nginx:alpine
ADD appling-a/public /usr/share/nginx/html



You must remember to use ADD appling-a/public and not ADD public.

Testing the build locally

Run the command from the appling-folder you would like to build.

  • -f "$(pwd)/Dockerfile" will use the Dockerfile in the current folder.
  • ../ will set the build-context to a level up (root-level) to make all applings code available.
docker build -f "$(pwd)/Dockerfile" ../

And if the build is a success, then that should be it. Commit, push, deploy and enjoy!