Troubleshooting and Support

This article lists the most common questions and errors that you might encounter. Please let us know, or even add a PR to improve the docs, if you have other types of issues.

My application is deployed but responds with a HTTP-CODE 503?

This means that the application is deployed but there is something Iterapp is not happy with.

Possible errors:


    All applications have a health endpoint which needs to respond with HTTP-CODE 200. It might be that Iterapp does not get a correct response from your applications health endpoint response. The iterapp.toml-file adds a default health endpoint but you are responsible for making the endpoint from your app.

  2. CreateContainerConfigError

    This means that there is an error in the configuration. The error message is more specific in what the configuration error is about.

    • For instance: Error message Error: secret "iterapp-api-token" not found
    • means that there is a missing secret in the environment.

    Run: kubectl -n <app-namespace> get secrets to list secrets.

I've been hitting re-run button to start a build from github, but nothing happens?

Correct, rerunning a build does not work from the web page.

V2✨ V3 ✨

Rerun build by using the build-command with slack

Rerun build by using the CLI.