What is HOPS V3?


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Normally HOPS is continually developed and delivered without release versions, downtime, or breaking changes. But we have recently made some big moves that brought big changes to the inner workings of HOPS and a couple of breaking changes.

We don't want to break your applications, so we let Version 2 (V2) and Version 3 (V3) exist at the same time. We (soon) recommend that everyone migrate over to V3. All new development happens on V3. The two versions will coexist for a period while people migrate their applications. After that period we will remove V2, and there will be only one version of HOPS again.

What is new in HOPS V3?

New Web Frontend!

Designed by a programmerDesigned by a designer
Boring light modeExciting light mode

New CLI!

A new CLI with better ergonomics and more sense! The V3 CLI currently exists as a subcommand for the V2 CLI. (hops v3 ...)

New Backend!

Most of the backend parts are rewritten. The way we interact with Kubernetes is turned slightly inside out.

Most of the backend changes are or only detectable to our end users through a general feeling of calm satisfaction.

Next steps

Be an early adopter and migrate to V3!